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Project Logistics


We supply project logistics services to customers involved in the construction and supply of industrial projects, whatever their role – project owner, contractor or supplier.

our project logistics services are customized for each individual contract, to satisfy these often complex tasks. Our specialist teams use the creativity and skills that come from long experience in the field. Anything heavy and oversized gets our special attention.

With consulting, planning, preparation and execution capabilities in the same hands, we offer an integrated approach to ensure that we meet our customers’ precise schedules, whether the components originate from one country or from across the globe.



The fashion industry has sophisticated and demanding consumers who require multi channel offering, brand experience, personalization and increased product differentiation. This leads to shorter product life and increased need for innovation, flexibility and enhanced order fulfillment certainty. The major needs in the industry include:

  • Reducing logistics cost
  • Sensing and responding to changes in consumer demand
  • Building sustainability and security into supply chains
  • Managing promotions and new product releases
  • Improving order fulfillment
Our tailor-made services address the special requirements of the industry and ensure products reach the consumer on time.

Consumer & Retail


Today the supply chain environment and consequently the consumer and retail industry, are facing different challenges than in the past. Sourcing has become global, distances longer and the economy more fragile. Furthermore, the industry is characterized by increasingly demanding and informed consumers.

Home decor & Furniture


In today’s constantly evolving Furniture & Home décor retail landscape, enhanced demand variability challenges retailers to increasingly streamline their logistics processes in order to remain competitive and drive business growth.

We therefore provide transportation and logistics services that enable you to make your supply chains leaner and more agile. In return, you will achieve the necessary flexibility to effectively manage the complex supply and demand of your customers. Our experts will work with you to provide tailor made solutions to meet your specific supply chain requirements

Electronics & technologies


The Electronic & technologies industry requires fast and reliable logistics chains that link the industry’s key production sites with distribution channels throughout the world. Whether you are in the semi-conductor industry, the computer and electronics industry, or provide electronic manufacturing services, we understand your business and requirements.


chemical drums

In today’s competitive business environment, the chemical goods supply chain has become more complex, leading to increased logistics and transport spending due to rising labor and fuel costs, tightening security controls, environmental aspects as well as unreliable deliveries.

Within this dynamic environment, we identify and develop customized solutions to meet your needs and provide dedicated on-time delivery to destinations.

Oil & Gas


Based on our wide network and our air and ocean freight transportation capabilities, we offer integrated turnkey logistics and forwarding management services to Oil and Gas customers and various other industries on a global scale. We develop transportation solutions that are tailor-made for each project and allow fast and secure shipment.

We are ready to put our experience and passion for solutions to work for you by complementing your core competencies, thus allowing you to focus on your customers